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GlamourPoints are a benefit to our customers and allow you to get discounts on your next purchases. Points are accumulated on all purchases made and are calculated based on the purchased products. The points usually correspond to the price of the product and each point is equivalent to 0.05 € discount.

100 GlamourPoints = 5 € Discount

However, there may exist specific brand or product promotions in which the points can have a higher value. To use the points accumulated in the checkout area, please select the option to use GlamourPoints and the final purchase amount is automatically updated. The customer can choose to use all or part of the accumulated points. This discount method can only be used for purchases over 50 € and cannot be used simultaneously with other discount methods available.

GlamourPoints are valid for 6 months after the date of last purchase.

* Note: GlamourFashionFIT reserves the right to refuse or cancel the use of points for suspected fraud or abuse. GlamourFashionFIT reserves the right to change the points policy in force. Any changes to the current conditions will be communicated with an advance of 30 days to our customers via e-mail.



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