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Freddy arrived to our store!!! For those who do not know, Freddy is an Italian brand founded in the 70s and began selling shoes for ballet. Over the years, the brand has expanded its collection to clothing associated with dance and gymnastics.

More recently, Freddy launched a special line of pants that enhance and shape the female body. Pants that have the comfort and versatility of leggings, but are much more than that.


The pants Freddy WR.UP revolutionized the world with its patented push up technology, in which a series of fabrics, stitching and materials, can give women a sexier and more feminine body without forgetting comfort.

Their slogan tells us everything or almost everything "Art of Movement" and fits in all their products. Try now the best pants in the world and you will not regret. Be sexy with Freddy!


Note: The use of the product mentioned in the post can cause a unique sense of comfort and daily dependence :)

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