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Everyone that knows Inês are amazed with her abs, a true six pack. And we all ask, will I ever be like that? Or is it impossible? We know that nothing is impossible and everything is achieved with dedication and effort. Inês combines good nutrition with a routine of regular workouts. To further motivate her followers, we show Inês workout routine with extra information. But first of all, it is important to note that the help of a professional to set an adequate workout plan is important, he will know exactly what is best for you. To better understand the routine, we have the analysis of #teamgiannatempo that will provide some extra input on the training routine.


Inês, usually, does 4 weight workouts per week, rests always at least 1 day and does 1 or 2 free practices (which can be group classes, cycling, bodybalance, zumba or running). Before all the weight training she always does a warmup of 5 to 8 minutes on the elliptical, treadmill or rowing and always stretches at the end. Among the series she rests between 30 to 40 seconds. And when she has some time left after strength training, usually does 15 to 20 minutes of cardio (bike or treadmill). Apart from working out Inês walks two times per day a distance of 2.5km, totaling 5km a day to and from work. A simple routine and very useful to keep the cardio sessions.

Inês workout plan:

Training 1 - (Monday) Lower Body

Warmup: Elliptical: 6min, level 5
Squat in Multipower: 4x 15-12-10-8 decreasing reps and increasing the load
Leg Press (legs apart): 3x 10/08/12 decreasing reps and increasing the load
Press Gravitation: 3x 10 reps with each leg
Leg Extension: 3x 10/08/12 decreasing reps and increasing the load
Bench Lunge: 3x 12 reps each leg
Squat / Lunges running: 3x 4 lunges and following 5 squats, repeating these movements three times for 1 series.
Rotary Calf: 3x 15 reps
Calves with dumbbells: 3x 15 reps

Training 2 - (Tuesday) Upper Body

Warmup: Row 8 min, level 10
Lat pulldown (front): 4x 15-12-10-8 decreasing reps and increasing the load
Lat machine with triangle bar: 3x 10/08/12 decreasing the repetitions and remains with the same weight.
Lat pulldown with wide vertical grip (back): 3x 10/08/12 decreasing reps and increasing the load.
Vertical traction machine: 3x 8.10.12 reducing repetitions and increasing load.
Single arm row: 3x 10/08/12 decreasing reps and increasing the load
Triceps extension with bar: 3x 10/08/12 decreasing the repetitions and remains with the same weight.
Triceps in jungle cable: 3x 08/10/12 decreasing reps and increasing the load
Oblique abdominals


Training 3 - (Thursday) - Lower Body

Leg Press with legs together: 3x 12 reps
Deadlift: 3x 12 reps
Hip Extension: 3X 12 rep.
Back extension on the bench: 3X 12 rep.
Jungle cable, hip extension: 3X 12 rep with each leg
Leg curl: 3X 12 rep with each leg
Abdominal in the bench, sit-up with load: 3X 12 rep
Lower abdominals with outstretched legs: 3 sets 12 reps
Crunch: 50 sit-ups

Training 4 - (Friday) Lower Body/ Upper Body

Sumo squat: 3X 12 rep
Glute bridge: 3X 12 rep
Glutes, hip extension: 3X 12 rep with each leg
Jungle cable, back kick: 3X 12 rep with each leg
Jungle cable
, hip abduction in the lower handle: 3X 12 rep
Abductor machine: 3X 12 rep
Inclines in multipower: 4x 15-12-10-8 decreasing the repetitions remains the same weight
Dumbbell flyes on the incline bench: 4x 15-12-10-8 decreasing the repetitions
Plank on forearms
Side plank - on forearm



In Day 1 and 2 Inês focuses on lower body(1), lats and biceps (2), and uses the growing pyramid method of training that is characterized by increasing load and decreasing repetitions, aiming muscle hypertrophy and maximum force.

Day 3 goes back to lower body, changing the characterization of multiple training sets, which consists of more than one set per muscle group and Day 4 has a focus on lower body as well, but with extra attention on the posterior thigh muscle. It is also working pectoral muscles and the workout method is a combination of multiple sets and growing pyramid.

This methodology is used mainly for hypertrophy and maximal strength, as mentioned above. But the goals of Inês are the strength and muscle tone, therefore she uses less rest time than recommended for the methodology. The load is not fully taken on purpose, in order to meet the proposed objectives for the workout.


UCHIDA, Marco Carlos et al. Manual de Musculação: uma abordagem teórico-prática do treinamento de força. São Paulo: Phorte editora, 2013.

Today, Giannatempo sisters work together in Online Coaching as well. Their consultancy is oriented to nutrition and personal training, consisting of a balanced diet menu and personalized training program, after an assessment of body composition. The entire program is always tailored to the objectives of each client.

Team Giannatempo offers full support through WhatsApp and E-mail, with regular reviews where they make the necessary adjustments according to the customer progress.

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