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Our blog will feature two precious collaborations: the Giannatempo sisters. The work of both in Brazil crossed the ocean and resulted in a partnership where the goal is to share quality information with our readers and customers. We believe that providing content validated by two professionals in the fields of sports and nutrition is always important and enriching.

Learn more about the Giannatempo sisters and their work:

Barbara Giannatempo Rodrigues - Personal Trainer and Bikini Athlete

Barbara is about to complete her degree in Sports Sciences and Physical Education but already has quite an experience in sports consultancy. In addition to major titles in the Bikini category: Rookies Champion Paulista 2015, Top 2 Championship 2015, Top 4 Brazilian Championship 2015, Champion Copa Paulista 2016 and Top 3 Arnold Classic Brazil 2016, Barbara has succeeded in improving the results of many athletes and active people she works with.

Barbara, when she began her career as an athlete, never thought to get so far in so little time. Despite not having many initial goals, she fell in love with the Bikini category after watching the state championship in São Paulo and was amazed with the physical glamour  and charm of the athletes. This is a category slightly different in Bodybuilding, where athletes need to have low muscle density without pronounced muscle definition and a low level of body fat. On the other hand, physical beauty and posture on stage count as much in the evaluation of the jury.

After having participated in her first championship in November / 2014, where she won the 3rd place in the category (not bad for a rookie!), she began to devote more seriously to the sport. When she realized, she was increasingly committed to get good results and dreamed with more. Then came the great opportunity to qualify for the Arnold Classic Brazil 2016. Proud of her 3rd place in the subdivision up to 1,66m, she cried of happiness with the most important title of her career. After sharing the stage with well known athletes in South America and rank in Top3, this moment was a dream come true.

Bianca Giannatempo Rodrigues - Nutritionist (CRN 34921)


Graduated in nutrition since 2011, Bianca has an experience of five years with sports nutrition in Brazil. In 2012, Bianca began to be interested in the world of fitness, sports and wellness. From that moment, she shifted her career to work with athletes and active people looking to improve their results or change their bodies. From bodybuilding to martial arts such as Jujitsu and Muay Thai, Bianca has accumulated a wide experience. Knowledge that was valuable to help her sister Barbara, to get the best results in the championships she qualified. Today Bianca works with nutrition consulting in gyms, businesses and clinics.

#Team Giannatempo

Today, Giannatempo sisters work together in Online Coaching as well. Their consultancy is oriented to nutrition and personal training, consisting of a balanced diet menu and personalized training program, after an assessment of body composition. The entire program is always tailored to the objectives of each client.

Team Giannatempo offers full support through WhatsApp and E-mail, with regular reviews where they make the necessary adjustments according to the customer progress.

For more information please contact:

Bárbara Giannatempo +55 (11) 98148-4545 - E-mail: 

Bianca Giannatempo +55 (11) 97268-7457 E-mail:


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