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Women not always make the right choice when purchasing a sports bra! We always for the most beautiful one and not for the right one for our workout.

We need to know that sports bra are there for a reason! To provide support to our breasts. We should adapt our choice to our training.

Types of fabric

When is time to buy a sports bra choose one with synthetic fabrics, such as polyamid, to better dry the sweat.

Cotton sports bras are not suitable to hit the gym.


How to choose?


First, we need to think that the sports bra will work as normal bra, support our breast. It should not be extremely tight but it should not be loose either.

Too thight might cause skin irritation and discomfort. If it is too big, it might not provide the correct support. The wrong choice might affect our performance during a workout.

For low impact activities such as yoga or walking, a sports bra with low or medium support is enough. On the other hand, if we are going to the bodyjump class then we should pick one with high support.

Breast size matters?


Yes it does. We have to pick the righ size for our breast. Compression ones are suitable for the small to medium breasts. See example below:


For bigger breast, the encapsulating ones are better. This type of sports bra provides support to each breast individually and is the way to go.


Still in doubt?

If you are not sure in what to choose, please contact us through our online chat, social media or email. We can help you to make the right choice!

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