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how-to-choose-the best-leggings-for-your-workout

The right choice is related to your sports. As always we should never forget comfort and style.

A pair of beautiful leggings are always an extra motivation, right?

Let´s think about yoga, crossfit, zumba or gym, every workout is different. Choosing the wrong model is not the end of the world but having the right product for our specific workout is always better.

For our fitness women having doubts, read our tips:


Cheap leggings? Be aware...

If you happen to use those fast fashion cheap brands, you know what happens! The strang smell, the size that seems to change after washing or the prints that fade away are just a few examples. We all had these issues.

Buying something better with extra quality is always mandatory if you do sports regularly.

We should be aware that the higher the specs of the product, the higher our attention should be with the washing instructions. High temperatures are generally not recommended.


Squat with no fear!

We women are always afraid of the transparency. Is not pleasant at all, to feel naked when doing a squat. Ups! That usually happens with the thinner fabrics.

Our tights leggings have a double layer of polyester or poliamiade. These last ones are even more thick to avoid transparency at all costs.


Essential technologies in Leggings

To be breathable and fast drying is a must for us women that really workout with intensity. The cotton leggings are not the right choice and you should prefer tights with synthetic fabric, with either polyester or poliamide with elastane.

If you are really expecting an intense workout, choose poliamide since this fabric can absorb more sweat. Nobody likes to feel wet while working out right?


UV protection in Leggings?

Today, top brands are already adding UV protection into their fabrics to protect our skin. The fabric acts like a shield and reflects the UV rays. Some of models of LIVE! already have this technology, like this one.

If you are into running or outdoor training, this is something to look for on your next purchase.


We are here to help you and if you have any doubts, please talk us using our online chat support system.


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