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Inês Direito, our ambassador, realizes the importance of a rich and balanced diet. Want to know more about her daily diet? What are her secrets? We are also curious! According to Inês, her food does not vary much between training days and rest days. But the 2L of water or tea daily are mandatory. Below we have an example of a daily diet of Inês:

Breakfast (Pre-workout):
½ liter of green tea with lemon
Protein French toast - 2 slices of bread shape with cover (1/2 scoop vegetable protein, 50ml of almond drink, 50ml egg whites, cinnamon) toasted in the pan (no fat)
½ kiwi and red fruit + unsweetened shredded coconut


After Workout:
Cookie banana protein, carob and coffee (100 ml egg whites+ ½ scoop of vegetable protein, 1 coffee spoon of carob flour, 1 coffee spoon of soluble coffee + 1 coffee spoon cinnamon + 1oat + 30g banana)
1 almond drink mug

Morning snack:
1 light homemade yogurt no lactose + 10g of nuts
800 ml of horsetail tea throughout the morning

vegetable soup without potato
Stuffed fish with tomato sauce, onion and peppers with basmati rice, vegetables and poached egg
Afternoon snack 1:
Flaxseed Crepe (100ml clear + 10g flaxseed meal) with chicken ham and Limiano cheese -50% fat

Afternoon Snack 2:
morning fresh cheese 0% with 10g peanut butter

Vegetable soup without potato
Grilled chicken steak with black beans, courgette and tomato salad
Diet Gelatin without sugar


Our partner and sports nutritionist Bianca Giannatempo gives her opinion:

"The above diet is the amount of calories to maintain the weight of Inês, and the macronutrient composition is about: 30 to 40% proteins, an average of 50% carbohydrate and 10% "good" fat (mono and polyunsaturated). In this composition the menu is ideal for those who want to maintain a slim profile, with low percentage of body fat and a high percentage of muscle.The use of fruit in the morning hours for early afternoon on this diet is the main source of carbohydrates, in this case provide energy for the morning workout and provides greater protein synthesis in muscles post-workout. The egg whites in this diet are the main protein source, their use is great because it has a low caloric value of 100% protein and free from fat and carbohydrate. " We recall that the diet should always be tailored to the objectives of each individual. Bianca selected the top 3 healthy foods in Inês diet.


Almond Drink: Source of "good" fat almond helps to control total cholesterol levels, helping to reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) and preserving the HDL (good) cholesterol, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Source of Vitamin E also has antioxidant actions preventing oxidative stress, which is responsible for the production of free radicals that cause cell death and accelerate the aging process.

Egg White: As described above, the egg white has a low caloric amount to 100% protein, comprising essential amino acids that our body cannot produce and are important for muscle mass gain.

Watermelon: Low in calories is a fruit rich in water and electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and magnesium. Great for athletes wishing to stay hydrated, because during physical activities of high intensity these electrolytes are easily lost in sweat and breathing.

Bianca Giannatempo +55 (11) 97268-7457 - E-mail:


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