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We open our GlamourChat section with the blogger Inês Direito. On her blog and social media, Inês shares a bit of her daily life. From delicious recipes to amazing photos of her abdominals, Ines inspires in her followers a healthy and active lifestyle. Fan of balance, she believes that with focus we can get there! Get to know the beautiful Inês Direito with a funny conversation:

Who is Ines Direito?
I'm an ordinary girl, 27 years old and work as a researcher in breast and prostate cancer investigation. Passionate about a healthy lifestyle she has been always active. Believe me when I say, being lazy is not at all in my nature (my mother says I was always an active child)! Along with the sports, one of my great passions is cooking! I love inventing recipes in which I can make the best food without being boring or tasteless. I love travelling, reading a good book, listen to good music or watch a good movie. Family and close friends are a real pillar in my life!


How did your healthy life adventure start?
I was always an active person, always liked a lot of sports and I can say, I have tried almost everything! However, during my degree I did not practice any sport. Excuses were normal: lack of time, lack of will, many internships outside ... When I finished my degree and started working, I decided to gp back to sports as I felt that I was quite out of shape. I signed up at the gym and began to workout without great results. However I found that was lactose intolerant, I began cutting back on processed and sugary foods, said goodbye to breakfast cereals and became conscious of what the body really needs! I read a lot (and still read) on the subject in order to be able to make better choices. With this change, I also started to be interested in bodybuilding, very much related to the challenge that I was given by Personal Trainer Tatiana Costa,  which consisted in one month of professional coaching in training and nutrition. In just one month I had the results I tried to reach for a year and it was the moment of change. What worked for me was actually strength training! Since then I work out 4 to 5 times a week and could not be happier with the results! Of course, the changes in my diet also had a great influence in this process.

What are the main changes?
Since I started to workout regularly, I feel more energetic and stronger. I was a person who was constantly sick and since then is very rare! With the cut of lactose ended up the bloated feeling. I noticed a huge difference in localized fat and body fat percentage. The changes were also psychological, I feel more peaceful and less stressed person. The only thing that changed in my routine was to get one hour to devote to my training!

What motivates you to continue?
No doubt my health and my well-being, are my biggest motivations! Of course, achieving goals is also very motivating and being able to share this experience in a community like Instagram, it is very rewarding! When I'm feeling unmotivated, just connect to this social network to feel inspired and immediately cease to think about quitting!

Do you suffer a lot with the diet or has it become bearable?
I never suffered with the diet! I love to eat everything without saying no to alot of things. Very restrictive diets or regimes are not healthy, both physically or psychologically! If we want to embrace and maintain a healthy diet, we have to do that with consciousness, of course, but also with taste! I'm a big supporter that to eat healthy we do not have to eat food without flavor or be limited to a tiny list of foods.

What is your routine on a normal weekday?
Wake up, have my breakfast and go to the gym at 7 am. For me training early in the morning only has advantages: the gym has less people, I am done with the workout faster and full of energy for the rest of the day! Train for about an hour, get ready and walk to work (about 2.5km). As I do have have fixed working hours, the working day can be shorter or longer but normally I leave around 17 / 18h and return home on foot. When I get home, I like to relax a little: update the blog, surf the internet or read. I also take time to prepare meals and shopping if necessary. Have dinner, prepare the gym bag and lunchbox for the next day and go to sleep. A very simple routine.

What is your experience as a GlamourFashionFIT customer?
I could not have been more pleased and surprised with the service! There is a great attention to detail and I can see you want to differentiate your service by promoting an experience and a more personal relationship with the customer. Any customer can see this immediately just by noticing their boxes! Additionally they only work with extremely high quality fitness wear!

What is your favorite brand of our store?
I simply love Live!

Age: 27
Weight x Height x% fat? 55.5 kg; 1.65m; 18%
Favorite body part? Belly
The least favorite? Legs
A personal dream? To be happy
A professional dream? Feel valued
A phrase that defines you? Try to be better every time
Training in the gym or out? Both
Your favorite sport? This is too hard! Bodybuilding, surfing, volleyball ... I cannot choose!
Favorite place? Beach
Do not leave home without? Keys
You can not resist? Sushi

Do you want to leave a message for the readers of the blog?
Seek always to get better every day! Try to do the best for your health and for those around you! Always be your best example and never give up on your dreams and goals, the results become real for those who work hard (taking more or less time)! Keep an eye on my blog and on my social networks because soon I will be sharing some news!


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