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Turn your body into a fat burning machine. Working out on a regular basis and the right nutrition are key elements to boost your metabolism.

Teas can help you to do that as well! Get to know 3 teas that can help burn extra fat...

White Tea

The white tea is a great choice when it´s time find a natural way to burn fat!

The white tea will boost your metabolism and is perfect to drink all day long because it's caffeine levels are lower than the green tea. Study shows that it also reduces blood pressure and lowers the cholesterol.



Green Tea

Green tea is already know for it's amazing results when fat burn is the goal. Green Tea has elements that boost the fat burning hormones we have in our bodies and helps on the process.

The combination between EGCG (polifenol) and caffeine, raises the metabolism during our resting periods, according to the British Journal of Nutrition. So while you sleep you are burning fat. Green Tea is perfect to drink in the morning replacing your coffee.



Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea, still unknown for many, also helps you to loose weight. For many years it has been used as medicinal tea, it's acids improve the immunitary system and gets you a healthy skin.

When we talk about weight loss, drinking hibiscus tea after your meals helps to reduce the absorption of the carbohydrates and the fat accumulation.

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